How do you know if your business needs PR?

Small and medium businesses have tighter budgets and cannot compete with the large advertising budgets that big organisations enjoy. The good news is that you can still create awareness of your business using Public Relations (PR). PR means getting your business known about by the press and the public.

Top Reasons why SMEs should consider PR as their Top Marketing Tool:

Cost-Effectiveness     PR is the most cost effective way to raise awareness for your business. If you purchase an advertisement, it would cost you perhaps $20K for being featured in 2-3 magazines. For the same amount of money you pay for PR services, you will be able to get featured in at least 10-15 publications. This expands your reach to more customers, and gets you your publicity faster.

Credibility    When consumers read an article written by a journalist, it adds instant credibility to your brand. Coupled with the many other publications talking about you and saying the same thing at the same time, the publicity becomes a very effective way of persuading customers to try your product.

Use PR to Sell    PR provides SMEs with media reviews that they can use for the lifespan of their company. If you visit a hawker center you may see some hawker stalls displaying news articles from many years ago to promote their food. If you have not tried that stall before, chances are the articles will sway you to try the food there.

How do you know if your business needs PR?

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