The Top Three PR Campaigns in 2015

2015 is fast drawing to a close, and with the countless campaigns that took place this year, which campaigns truly stood out among them all?   This month, we round up three of what we think were the most outstanding public relations campaigns that took place this past year, and show you what you can take away from these for your business’s own PR campaigns for next year.


1) SG50

This extensive, multi-level year-long campaign was certainly memorable if not one of the most outstanding for many Singaporeans. Conceived to celebrate the island-state’s fifty years of independence from British colonial rule, its genius lay in the ease of adoption of the logo across a wide range of products and services. A simple red circle encompassing “SG50” in the white-and-red colours of the Singapore flag, the logo, designed by local designer Jackson Tan, was rife with significance. Even large international brands like Lego, Coca-Cola  and Rolls-Royce wanted to be a part of the action and rolled out their own memorable and successful SG50 product campaigns. The extensive campaign and the SG50 celebrations have both attracted a large amount of local and international coverage (some examples HERE, HERE and HERE) and as a nod to its effectiveness, is still drawing coverage to date, 11 months into the campaign. Continue reading “The Top Three PR Campaigns in 2015”

The Top Three PR Campaigns in 2015