3 Ways That Traditional Marketing and PR Can Work With Digital Marketing


Have you cued yourself in to the Digital vs Traditional debates yet? So you may have read that public relations and digital marketing activities are increasingly intertwined and almost inseparable. And that digital is the future of traditional marketing and public relations. With this, is the death knell sounding for traditional marketing and PR activities? As one of Singapore’s leading PR companies with a solid team of experts, we are willing to stick our necks out there and answer a resounding NO to that!

We bring you three key things to take note of when coming up with an integrated marketing plan, to ensure that your digital marketing efforts will work hand-in-hand with traditional offline marketing and PR for the best results.

  1. Use the digital to enhance your story

Marketing and PR have always been in the business of telling stories – stories about the lifestyle your brand is associated with, stories about how your brand came to be, stories about people in relation to your brand. Whether it is through a TV advertisement or through an article in a publication, the fact remains that marketing and PR experts have gone to great lengths to craft a compelling story and sell it to the public. Digital marketing is also all about telling positive stories about your brand, only that it is concerned with doing so in the digital realm. Knowing this makes it easier to reconcile traditional and digital marketing and PR, and will definitely help you see how digital platforms can be a great way to enhance and extend the stories you are already telling on traditional platforms.

For example, TV advertisements can be converted into video content to be shared online. News and magazine articles can be shared with even more people online, extending their reach and hence, your brand’s potential to touch others. The digital can also be used to enhance your storytelling capabilities by making available to the consumer a wider range of sensory experiences, such as advanced visuals and multi-platform experiences. People are ever-more sensitive to such experiences these days, so by making available such content on your traditional marketing campaigns or PR activities, you are ensuring cross-traffic to your brand and helping people get your story better.

  1. Make good use of digital data and analytics

One great thing that digital marketing has over traditional marketing is the trackable and quantifiable feedback it generates. Marketers can easily see exactly how many people have viewed an online advertisement, accessed a blog article or clicked on a link for more details, by using readily available statistics tools. They can further analyse the information for consumer habits and preferences, and translate this information to traditional marketing activities and PR efforts.

Before the days of big data, marketers had to rely on less accurate means of collecting and assessing data – such as through surveys filled out my hand, oral questionnaires and telephone feedback. All these methods were not only heavily time-consuming in obtaining the data, they were also very prone to human error and dependent on what customers reported. With digital metrics, such consumer behaviour is easily observed in a non-biased manner, and huge amounts of data is easily obtained. At Affluence PR, we have a team of digital marketing specialists who work closely with our marketing and PR teams to analyse data obtained digitally and translate it to the real world marketing mix. For example, our digital media experts keep close tabs on our clients’ social media pages and the behaviour displayed by our clients’ customers on these pages.

  1. Spark conversations that translate to the real world and vice versa

Having lots of people buzz on about your brand online is well and good, but the key behind a really successful integrated marketing campaign is in how it translates to the real world and back to the digital world. Instead of seeing the online and offline realms as parallel dimensions, it would be useful to understand the two as in a closed loop, which should seamlessly lead back and forth the two.

Conversations should therefore bounce-back and forth between online and offline mediums. This was seen as recently as in the NBC’s Super Bowl, once hailed as the hallowed pedestal for traditional marketers to reach out to the masses. This year, all advertisers were required to provide their ads on the digital stream in addition to the TV broadcast – a huge step considering that just last year,  a mere 18 out of 70 Super Bowl advertisers chose to put their ads online according to Variety.com.

Closer to home, we also do this for our own clients, through campaigns that are based on social media but require the customer to pay a visit to the real world retail store for the deal to be closed. A fan sale which we held last year for our client, W. Atelier, required at least 20,000 fans to Like its Facebook page before the sale was activated – making available to lucky fans designer household items at low prices which had to be purchased at the brand’s showroom. This not only boosted customer engagement on the Facebook page, it also increased traffic to the store and awareness of the company’s offeringsq overall. Our strategy for this sale also encompassed traditional PR in the mix, as we had targeted magazine publications through media advisories and pitches to get the word out on the sale to even more people than our existing Facebook fan base.


So, with all that has been said and done, there is no true online-offline divide when it comes to marketing – teamwork between the two is ultimately what will work best for your brand. You can speak with our PR and digital marketing experts here at www.affluencepr.com  to come up with an integrated campaign mix that is just right for your company.

3 Ways That Traditional Marketing and PR Can Work With Digital Marketing

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