Making Your Launch Event a Success

According to Forbes, there are about 250,000 new products launched globally each year with a high failure rate of around 90%. Hence if the public can recall your product launch, chances are you have staying power. A launch event should be part of an over-arching strategy. Identify your stakeholders and key messages to build long term relationships.

Increasingly, companies plan to raise their profile ahead of an official public launch. When it comes to determining which brands jump to the forefront, it is usually brands that people are familiar with. For example, Apple uses the PR machine before they launch a product.

Demand is established before the product is even launched to market and there long queues form before the retail store opens. When Bose launched its wireless headphones, AffluencePR made the product available to important influencers. Encourage the use of the product and then write a review article or post to create excitement.


Launch Events done by ENCE Marketing Group

If you invite journalists to a media launch, you need to be able to answer two key questions: Why should the journalist attend? And why is the journalist there. Only a compelling reason can motivate action – whether it is to attend or to cover the event.

When Ikea celebrated the opening of its 30th store in France, it created a rock-climbing wall out of its furniture. If you google this, chances are you are going to get results in the hundreds of thousands. While not many companies have the budget to execute grand schemes, the idea is to do something interesting or unusual. An idea done right can have the potential to be viral.  However, always keep in mind what are the objectives and don’t let the event or activities overshadow what you want to achieve.

ikea-wall-3-2014Image credit: Adweek

Press releases can go a long way if you keep it rolling. Continue to produce fresh news like customer stories. Engage your partners or organisations who will benefit from your success. The more people are talking about it, the more people will know about it.

Utilise the best resources that best tells your story. Whether it is a good spokesperson or using the best medium for your message. Adjustments in timing and budget allocations can help you develop an ideal mix of activities to generate ongoing conversations that goes beyond the launch event.

What are some of the most successful PR launches you’ve seen? Please share in the comments?

Making Your Launch Event a Success