Getting an Edge or a “Second Thought” in a Fiercely Competitive Retail Scene

Retail outlets at the Orchard Road strip are facing high operational costs and increasing competition not only in Orchard Road but also from the heartland malls and online shops in tiny Singapore.

Robinsons however reported a 32.7% growth in sales in January 2015 compared to a year ago. They attributed the growth to the store keeping up with trends and bringing more relevant merchandise for their customers. They are constantly reinventing themselves to attract customers with more than just offering discounts.

So how do retailers stay relevant?

With competition so fierce, there are only a few ways to encourage a “second thought”. Consumer insights is key and through Public Relations, the store can be brought to the attention of the target consumer. Public Relations for the retail world is about getting the word out about your store and your products to consumers. It is about enhancing your strategy and tactical plans by spreading the word and getting more business.

Once you have your plans in place, how do you engage a PR agency to help you spread your word?   There are basically two engagement models: Projects vs. Retainers.projectretainer

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Getting an Edge or a “Second Thought” in a Fiercely Competitive Retail Scene

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In the crowded marketplace of retail and hospitality, it is crucial to have a savvy and well-seasoned team to strategize, coordinate and implement your public relations efforts.

Affluence PR strives to create and implement innovative public relations campaigns for our clients in these specialised industries and beyond.  By helping brands share their stories and generate good public relations, we ensure that your brand connects with consumers and create a lasting impact.  We even guarantee that you will get 6 times the returns on your PR investment.

The Affluence PR blog shares our insights on the world of Public Relations.  From the basics on getting started to case studies to social media and everything in between.

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